Monday, June 7, 2010

This Glorious Life

I am still here! Not so much writing, but living. Tis summer ya know!

Friday night had us going in 2 different directions (probably because there are just 2 adults to get 'em there!) Billy had a ball game while Dolly and B. and I were in charge of the end of the year program for our school group. My Dear put some time into it as well. It was fun to look over our school year and recognize a mom who is graduating from Homeschooling. A sweet friend had a humorous but love filled tribute for what to do with a homeschooling mom when she is no longer a homeschool mom. B. has not even started school but I had the sore throat and watery eyes through this part of the ceremony.

Directly after, we jumped in the vehicle to get to KY to love on My Dear's "brother." He and Jesse met in college and his family became ours....adopted by love! Jesse reported for duty to be a military chaplain. They usually have about 80 in a class but his class will be 188! How cool is that! Bitter sweet that they will relocate farther away. Please pray for his family while he is in training for 3 months and his wife is home with 2 children and ready to deliver Jr. in 3 months...yep, I can do the math.

Sunday AWANA award night....I love me some AWANA Clubbers!!! Dolly and Billy had a great year!

Monday through Friday...Training Camps (instead of VBS)-art, soccer, basketball and I have the little dancers! They were so stink'n sweet tonight.

A few pictures of a few days in this glorious life.....

My Dear and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. We have literally grown up (and out) together. We snagged a sweet sitter and headed out to eat on an old gift card. Oh, My Dear is no longer growing out! He lost 31lbs in a Biggest Loser competition! Lucky for him, the last weigh in was the morning of our anniversary so no salad for this supper!
Our Man Cub has us at the ball field about 2 times a week. He is one of the older kids on the team this year. It is amazing what a year can do.

My Dear helps with Billy's team but coaches Dolly's. They may not be the best team out there but they are for sure the cutest! Dolly loves being with the other kids and I believe she has gotten a bit faster! This picture would represent one or two of the other nights of the week.

Our AWANA program is 2.6 years old. Billy completed 3 books, did almost 3 reviews, and 2 workbooks...the most any clubber has completed. He can out recite me for sure. He came home and displayed his award on the wall beside his hanging vest. He moves to another group next year. So thankful their minds are like sponges and want to take advantage. I feel like an old dog trying to memorize but keep at it!

It is all clean, it is now all put away, and amazingly no one went naked for the benefit of this goes this glorious life! (truly, I love it!!)

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