Sunday, June 13, 2010

What God Has Been Up To!

A dear sister in the faith hopped on an airplane this week to take care of herself. She found herself in a hospital that carried the name of Christian but had no Bibles. She used a few of her minutes for phone calls to call me to send Bibles for others there. I KNEW it was a God thing....all of it! I posted the need for 17 Bibles on Facebook. A family member had already stuck a check in the mail to help out (I am so blessed with my family!!) Got a message to contact a lady in our church. She had boxes of new Bibles stored at her home that the manufacturer was unable to sell due to damage to the boxes. Right there God handed me 18 Bibles! " FOR FREE!" (that was a joke in Vnam that our Vnam Pastor would say in his limited English.)
They are leather bound, study Bibles. I am sure those Bibles cost about $50 a pop! When the boxes were handed to me, I physically felt the concern of shipping such a heavy box. Even if I paid $50 a box for shipping, there was still a considerable savings! That week, God provided a babysitting job that would pay for at least one box and with the other check coming in, I did not think I would have to dip into our budget....not that My Dear and I were not willing! I prayed that God would "lighten" the boxes before they went on the scale. My Dear reminded me to ship Media Rate. I did and it cost $16 a box!!! I actually had change left over from the loved one's check and did not have to use the other money. By no surprise, when I messaged Pops to tell him about the over payment, he said, "Keep it Movin'!" Will be interesting to see what God lays on my heart for that money!

Today, I joined this little darlin' in the waters! She prayed at home with her family to ask Jesus into her heart! Her mom drove her to each family member's house so she could tell them and each celebrate over her! I love when families celebrate this HUGE decision! I will be honest and say that this sweetie was disappointed thinking My Dear would do the service but since I was there, she snagged me.

Now these 3 ladies, I had the privilege of sitting beside them and their family's when they asked Jesus into their hearts. One little girl was at AWANA and the two sisters were the results of a conversation on Facebook. Carolyn, a former youth who we love, teases that Facebook is blessed by God and all the minor prophets! Who am I to disagree?! The girls were four of the 13 people that were baptized today!

Another man that was baptized is a coworker of a church member. When his family welcomed a baby 3 years ago, our class prepared meals and delivered them to this family in attempt to love on them-strangers. I love seeing how this was a link in the chain. Praying that his wife will see her need for a Savior as well. She did attend church with him and the children today!
This past week we concluded Sports Training Camps. There is a huge emphasis on sports in our community. We traded in Vacation Bible School for Training Camps-art, dance, basketball, and football. Myself and a host of sweet youth ladies danced it up all week! Twenty-one children prayed to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior!
One of the little girls to pray that prayer is a niece of one of my first friends in this town. She is the friend that will push the dried mac-n-cheese out of your kitchen chair with her hand just so she can sit and chat. The decision by this little redhead has been the prayers of my friend since she first heard this baby was growing in her mama's womb. She knows that God is going to use this child to bring a family to the Lord. YEE HAW!!!
Yep, it has been a busy week for our God! Hope you are watching to see Him move and joining in!

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Teri said...

Praise be to God for these people's decision! I know Jesus is proud to have you in his army. We're proud of the work you do, the most important service, leading others to Christ. You know those letters you have to put in these messages. They were leserv- a tribute to your service too?