Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just a Closer Walk

A lady invited me join her for prayer once a week. We met a few other ladies and since we live close to one another and the location. We decided that we would walk together to meet the others and pray. Our walk is about 30 minutes so we have that time there and back to talk with one another.
As we joined together to pray, we share what we see God doing and what is on our hearts. We then pray-aloud together.

Praying aloud seems so intimate. It is listening to someone else communicate with God-just them and their Savior and Lord. There is something about praying with a person, you begin to see their heart. In walking and prayer time with this lady, I have grown to love her.

God spoke to my heart so clearly when I thought of this "grown" love. He said, "This is what I want....this love....this loves that grows from time spent with Me." God wants us to love Him, to know His heart, to enjoy fellowship with Him. For me to be in that love, I have to Show-Up! God is there and waiting to share that time with me.

I was challenged by the thought that I need to make an appointment with God and then show up! Set the time and have study, prayer and fellowship with Him just like I do with my friend and then DO IT!

Last week, I allowed satan (lower case s cause he does not deserve a capital one) to push my meeting time back and I showed up late and tired but not this week. Cause I am looking at the clock and I have 2 minutes to post this "puppy" cause I have an important appointment to keep!

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