Saturday, October 16, 2010

Laying It Down

We usually leave our shoes at the door when we get home. All three of the children, as toddlers,made note of this and would ask us where we were going if we had our shoes on. I recall them telling My Dear to take his shoes off as soon as he got home to insure he would not be leaving.

With cooler temperatures, the tile was cool yesterday and I wore flip flops in the house. As I was seated with my flip flops on, Miss B. sat at my feet and asked me to take my shoes off. She has been a bit needy and I knew she wanted me to stay put. She was so needy in fact that she had hauled her precious blanket around all day. The blanket is small and was pink, once upon a time. She calls it B.B. It is the essential tool for boo-boos, hurt feelings, and for a sleepy little girl.

I explained to her that the floor was cold on my feet and I would continue to wear my shoes. She again asked me to take my shoes off. I repeated why I had my shoes on. She then took her precious BB and laid it at my feet and said, "Now, take your shoes off." This may seem like no big deal to you, but to me, it was extremely humbling. You see, BB is her treasured possession. She took BB and laid it on the ground for my feet to be warmed.

I thought of Jesus washing the feet of the 12. What a humble act of service to them especially since He knew the choices they had and would make. Our Miss B. was giving of her precious BB, what I am willing to give? Am I ready to lay down my treasures? Am I willing to be like Jesus and serve even those who I have been hurt by? (ouch!)What is my BB and am I ready to lay it down? Are you ready to lay yours down?


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Wow......totally humbling and very very very precious!

Sherry Stone said...

That was the most precious act of love that your little baby girl did for you. Thank you for sharing with us. Missing you.