Thursday, May 16, 2013

Adding Rings to the Circus

When I began this lonely blog, we had 3 young children.   I have been a bit quiet and that is because our Family Circus has added a couple of rings so to speak.

Two summers ago, a young man came to visit us.   He was 15 then.   Well, he never left.   He has size 13 feet and is tall, dark and handsome.  To work with teenagers is not the same as living with one.   We have learned lots and I am thankful that My Dear is on my team and we are of like mind when it comes to parenting.  It has been a journey of mountains and valleys and continues.

Over Mother's Day weekend, I realized how blessed that we are that God would entrust us with any children especially one who's heart is battered.  It keeps us on our knees before The Throne reminding us that we NEED Him!  

Next month, we will have had my beautiful 22 year old niece living with us for a year.   One night, we were laughing together and Tall, Dark and Handsome said, "I can totally tell you two are related because the way you laugh."   This made Am and I laugh even harder because we are NOT biologically related.   Although connected at the heart, we are!

I was not prepared for the challenges and the blessings that would come with these transitions.   Although sometimes I am up at night wondering, praying, or shaking my head in disbelief, I am so very thankful for what I have seen God do already. 

When the addition first came to us, My Dear and I would put the younger children to bed and spend time with the older two in shifts.   By the time we had time for one another it was the early hours of the morning.   We were exhausted just like bringing home a, probably not that bad really.   But we had to learn to juggle the changes.   I truly did not know where all of my time was going.   I was unable to get things done for work that needed to be done and I was tired!   So we have 2 more mouths to feed and God calls me to leave my part time job.   Isn't that so God.   He constantly reminds us, that He has it all under control and we are to be like Nemo and just keep swimming!

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