Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sharing is for the Birds!

My sister said I was no good at sharing.   The older I get, the more I see.....she is right!
Yes Kim, I said you are right!!!  

Seven years ago or so, tomorrow would have been the day that I looked forward to all year but not now, I kinda dread it.   You see for this homeschool mama living in an area rich in playmates, public school gets out tomorrow and I am gonna have to share!

Thankfully the children have one more subject to complete which gives me a few minutes that I can still hog them to myself.   But as the knocks on the door begin, that time will go faster and faster as they are motivated to finally finish their school work.

I really like where we live.   I adore those sweeties who knock on the door and am so thankful they are close by and have precious families.....I am just not a big fan of sharing my BFFs.   You may borrow anything from our kitchen, you can HAVE the television and clothes from the closets.   I will give you food from the pantry and loan you a book (this is big ya'll!) but sharing my peeps is hard.   It is not so much that I don't trust others with them but, well, I like them!   It's the truth, I like them!   I want to keep them all to myself for now.  I only have this short window that they are leaving fingerprints on the door, muddy hand prints on the hand towel, shoes cluttered in the doorway and toys all over the yard.

But summer break is here and I have to continue to work on learning to share.  I will let them go and allow them to fly back taller, stronger, and more independent thinkers than they were when I opened the door and allowed them fly. 

As my friend Pam says, "I guess I need to pull up my big girl drawers" and thank God for yet another blessing of being their mama.

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