Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Another look at Christmas

In Mexico, it is tradition for children to march through the town carrying the figures of Mary and Joseph. They knock on doors and ask if anyone has rooms for the figures. They, of course do not. We did this with our children as well.

I walked down the hallway with the children while Clay (5) carried Joseph and Lydia (2) carried Mary. They knocked on each door in the hallway. Their quick daddy jumped behind each door to answer their knocks. He changed his approach and character with each knock. They asked if there was room for them to stay the night and each time, Mark shared that no there was not. When they got close to the last door, Mark said he did not have room but suggested they use the broom/linen closet. We made room for the figures in the closet and talked about how it was not as nice as the bedrooms but it would have to do, just like the stable so many years ago. As we were about to set the figures on the floor, Clay reached up and pulled a blanket down then sat the figures on it and Lydia stopped us and asked us to leave the light on. Their hearts were captured!

Christmas morning they ran up the hall not to race to the tree but to the broom closet where they found that Mary and Joseph now were joined by Baby Jesus. They called out, "They had their baby! Baby Jesus!" The real thrill of Christmas!

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The Lovins family said...

I enjoy your ideas. You are so brilliant! Wish I had your kind of creativity.