Monday, December 1, 2008

Preparing for Baby Jesus

Growing up, our neighbors set up their nativity but did not include Baby Jesus until Christmas morning. Here is an idea to go along with this (with more to come.) I read of a family who wanted to prepare the perfect bed for the baby Jesus to be laid in on Christmas morning. Each time one of their children "were caught" doing something kind for someone else, they were given a piece of straw. They then laid their straw in the nativity to pad the bed for the expectant Baby Jesus. What a perfect gift for a child to give to Jesus, loving others as He commanded us to do and something so visual a preschooler could understand it. Let's prepare our hearts as we celebrate the birth of Christ and await the return of our Savior.


Rice-Kristi's Treats said...

Wow Melanie! Your page is really cute. I love your Christmas ideas and am excited to see what you post!

jdearing said...

Good post Melanie.

Rice-Kristi's Treats said...

Okay, so I'm trying out this idea with my kids and they love it. They have been super nice to each other to boot!