Monday, December 29, 2008

Packing Away Christmas

Here are a couple of ideas that I have read about and wanted to share with you before packing Christmas decorations away.

1. Read about this in Family Fun magazine and Dollar General had Christmas journals for $1, the kids got them for Christmas and they will write something about themselves from this past year. We will store it with the decorations and surprise ourselves when reading it next Dec. It will also be a good record of their progress in handwriting and writing in itself. Not to mention , those journals will warm their mama's heart. We will trace Blake's hand and record each of their favorite gifts for that year.

2. We are going to wrap our Christmas books in gift wrap and store them away! Then when December comes, we will pull them out and read one a day until Christmas. It was suggested on that you rewrap your favorites to create 24 books. I am pretty sure we are at least 1/2 way there and my girlfriend, who had no idea I wanted to do this, blessed us with about 5 new Christmas books! You could add Christmas CDs and DVDs to this as well.
I am also considering doing a 1/2 Christmas in June. We can bake goodies to share with others (not so busy and our friends are not over ran by these goodies), watch Charlie Brown's Christmas, and listen to Christmas music. There should be plenty of Christmas books at the library as well and make crafts to share. Post any suggestions you may have as well!


chelsneal said...

Okay...I am just catching up on your wonderful blogs. I have a whole list of ideas I have gathered from various people and things for next year. I'll make you a copy as opposed to typing them all up on I love love love the idea of wrapping the Christmas books! We loved reading as many as I could find this year so I know the kids would love that tradition!

MDearing said...

Don't foget to wrap a Bible! We had a small New Testament that we wrapped. I was amazed at how many Christmas books we did have. We actually had 25 with the Bible but one little person is too partical to put it away for a year!