Sunday, March 8, 2009

Welcome to Our Home

On any given day, you can find:

crumbs (okay, maybe an entire piece of) food on the floor by our kitchen table.

a Lego in every room of our home.

daddy hiding doing a Sudoku puzzle.

mommy waiting for daddy to come out of hiding so she can grab her book and hide.

baby dolls and stuffed animals snuggled into make shift beds with their bottles.

mommy with one slipper on and asking Blake where the other is.

piles-to go to the basement, church, recycling center, a friend who might be able to use it, the get the idea!


a blanket on the couch.

dirty dishes in the sink and spilled out onto the counter.

a desk piled high of ideas!

Toby Mac CD blaring.

Blake closing opened drawers or cabinets after she fishes something out of them.

well worn AWANA books.

debt countdown cards.

wrestling with daddy.

Matchbox/Hot Wheels cars on the floor and couch.


Mom at the computer typing away and seeing how truly blessed she is!


Melisa said...

Hmmm...sounds alot like...MY HOUSE! I love it!

Judy Dearing said...

Oh my! You knowm a puppy would probably take care of the crumbs on the sweet of Blake to keep up with your slippers and to close opened drawers and cabinets.. what are debt countdown cards?..I like seeing your desk piled high with ideas!

Oh Dear said...

Debt countdown cards are just index cards with money we owe on each one. I need a visual. When the debt is paid, the card is flipped over backwards as paid and then we address the next card with the Dave Ramsey Snowball effect. I keep the paid ones beside the others so I can see progress. SLOW but progress!

Anonymous said...

I understand the *crumbs part*.
Thanks for stopping by my crumbs and praying for the family who lost their babies.