Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What the News Doesn't Tell Us

One of the perks of being Mark's wife is meeting young people. One of the first churches we served in together had precious teens that are now precious adults! One of those is Molly. Molly married her high school sweetheart is now a new mommy and a military wife. Recently, I received a forward about an American Soldier and realized it was Molly's husband. I contacted Molly and she gave permission for me to reprint her sweet husband's note so the world (well, the few of you who read this blog!) can see what American Soldiers are doing! So here goes...
March 4th 2009
So today was a good but long day in Baghdad. We were out on one of our normal patrols today in the new area we just took over. We were in a really poor part of Baghdad. The people that live in this particular part of Baghdad only make about 500,000 denar a month (thats 500 American dollars). So as we were walking through the neighborhood we stopped at this one house. In it was family of six. So as we were leaving I started giving each kid one American dollar. As I got to the last child, a little girl no older than 2. I ran out of ones, so Iasked the rest of my buddies with me, "If they had any ones?" No one had any so I got my wallet back out and only had a ten dollar bill left. Well the little girl started crying in fear of her being left out. So Isaid to myself these people have nothing and it's only ten bucks. So I got the money out and kneeled down in front of her and handed her the money. The tears stopped as soon as she touched it. What she did next was all worth it. She gave me the biggest hug a girl her age could give.It felt really good to know that I helped someone out just a little bit. I've never seen poor like these people are. The neat thing about it all is my buddy SSG Bost got it all on camera. So here they are I hope you enjoy them. You can share them with whoever you want. I love all of you guys so much. Take care, HEATH
Thank you Molly, Heath, and Baby Jackson for the sacrifices you and other military families make for America and others who need the aid. Prayers to you!


Melisa said...

Wow...that's remarkable. Thanks for sharing it!

hoppymomto8 said...

Wow! That is awesome! Good to get to see how God working on the other side of the world. Thanks for sharing.

Judy Dearing said...

Beautiful beautiful - I prayed God will bless this young man and bring him home safe.

Zoe said...

What great news to see here my dear.
Thanks for your comments on my blog. Keep up the de-cluttering. Somehow we've got to share some before and after pictures of all our good work.
Happy Weekend

Carolyn said...

is there a way i could see the video he was talking about? was it included in the forward?

i bet your trip so amazing and special. wanna hear more. miss you guys!