Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fundraising Update

For any of my "cheerleaders" as I call them checking in on the fundraising for the March mission trip to Vnam.....I am only $1000 away! WOW! I have been amazed, floored, and blessed all over!

When I heard of the trip I knew I was to go. I had 2 ideas of how I was sure God would supply the funds.

1. You may have read before, but it was to sell some property that did not sell once, twice, or 3 times! STRIKE OUT!

2. Maybe it was a part time job in our county. I never got my ducks in a row for that one and have since felt that it was not what I was supposed to do.

So God, I tried it my way, now let's try Yours!

1. It amazes me how He calls and then equips us when we are obedient. It also amazes me that I chose one man to be my husband and got this AMAZING package that came with him called his family!

2. It also amazes me the folks I did not send a letter to but they are financially supporting me. A lady, new to our church, sent me a note that God told her to support me. She is a stay at home mom and her husband did not even know me! Just blows me away!

3. One night we had a knock at our door. A man from church handed My Dear an envelope and told him he needed to drop it off. You guessed it, money. The man told his wife the Holy Spirit told him to do it. The wife did not even know the amount and told me she did not need to.

4. God continually supplies for us. Sometimes it is ripe bananas or a loaf of bread when our neighbor goes to the Senior Center or a farmer's market. It has been a package of soap that Lydia wanted and our coupon clipping friend got paid to buy so she shared with us without even knowing our desires or needs-soap, shampoo, hair gel, lotion, cold medications.

5. My friend Jenny, who cares full time for her terminally ill child handed me 3 cakes one Sunday morning and instructed me to take them to the church and sell them for money for the trip. See what I mean blessed all over!

Amazing to me how God wants to bless us and it is always more then I could have hoped or dreamed for! My plan was to work for it and His plan was to work it out for me. So in my heart I sing a little song I sang with my 3 year old friends at church, "God will meet all your needs. God will meet all your needs. God will meet all your needs. Philippians 4:19!" And I know He will....He always does!


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Praising God for provision...and praying for all you need!

Judy said...

Yeah!! We do serve an Awesome God!

teachinmom said...

Thanks for sharing how God makes a way for those who seek Him.