Monday, December 21, 2009

A Heart Full

This is my 2nd attempt to record all the things I want my heart to remember about today. I am reminded there is no textbook or degree that can prepare you for parenting.
I am constantly amazed at how I am stretched.

By noon, I had cleaned up 2 potty misses and removed a pair of toddler pants now marked by lipstick. I attempted to explain potty misses as gross which apparently is a fun word to repeat but obviously carries no meaning for the tiny speaker. On a good note, a crinkled nose on a red head saying gross will lower your blood pressure.

After lunch, a dinner glass was knocked off the table and broken. An apology came quickly. The glass was empty and I told the little darling, I did not like that glass anyway. One less glass to wash today!

I commended Middle button for always being remorseful and mentioned that when big brother was little, he would clam up after an accident and refuse to apologize, probably out of fear. Clay hearing the comment responded, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry for all of those times I did not say I was sorry." How precious is that!? He then said it was good for 100 times. I told him I probably owed him 1,000.

Today, Lydia was reading and came to the word SIN. She sounded it out and then said, it is such a little word as she starred at it. Such a little word with such HUGE ramifications.

Miss Lydia is sick. She can not hold anything down. I don't know that I have ever felt so helpless sitting by a sick child. I am so thankful I only have experienced this for a virus unlike so many other loving caregivers.

Lydia does not want her little sister to get sick and tries to keep her away from her. I think B. may understand some. Lydia fell asleep on the couch and B. referred to her as a baby. She did look like a little cherub.

B. was whining for "paci." The signal for bedtime. I handed her the pacifier and she said, "Mmmm," as if it were the best thing she had in her mouth all day. Poor thing, the paci will be going at the beginning of the year.

A serviceman came to our house today. He has been here before. Our house is decorated in nativities and he has heard the kids and I schooling. Today, he heard Lydia singing, "Away in a Manger," prior to her getting sick. God reminded me that sometimes, he will send the people directly to me-right in my living room.

Glad My Dear was home tonight. He made tea and as always, he served it to me in my favorite Bybee Pottery mug. Not to mention gave one little person a bath and cared for another in shifts with me. He is my helpmate, especially at this wonderful stage in our lives.

Praying today over, 3 men who have/are losing their jobs. Their families represent 12 children. A family who has been asked to add 6 month old twins to their busy family, 2 little girls who were returned to their mother after a drug test was thrown out of a court case, families facing or dealing with death, breast cancer warriors, and old friends on Facebook who need Jesus and the words from the Holy Spirit to communicate to them.


Jen@Scrapingirl said...

Wow! You have your hands full these days. I hope everyone is well before Christmas. AND, that no one else gets it.

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

That is crazy!! Praying for your prayer requests....definitely not fun!!! Praying for healing in your house as well!

teachinmom said...

It is good that you are cherishing these times with your littles. They will grow up before you know it and your mother's heart will swell with pride at the same time it is wishing they were small enough again for you to pick up and put in a safe place.

JottinMama said...

I already prayed that your little one gets better real fast...and that no one else catches it!

Great post! You are a busy woman :)

Merry Christmas!

Sweet blessings to you friend,
Kate :)

Anonymous said...

Melanie, I have said this so many times, hopefully out loud,you and your family amaze me! When I grow up I hope I can be just a little like you! I love you and all the other big and little Dearings!

Aunt Dee