Monday, December 14, 2009

Warfare and the Potty!

A friend once asked me if I faced Spiritual Warfare on Mondays. Her simple question made me realize that Thursdays were far worse! Wednesday night is AWANA night so on Thursdays, Satan liked to rough me up a bit. I knew they were hard, but had not considered why.

Once I realized, I faced the day differently. I kept my expectations low for the day. I stick my Bible in the bathroom and grab a read at my appointed time (don't knock it, until you try it!) The sad thing is, Spiritual Warfare makes me anxious and bitter. My patience is less and frankly, I, and the family who has to live with me, are NOT fans of Spiritual Battle!

Sunday night, I had the privilege of singing in an adult Christmas Performance. I have always wanted to do one but babies and My Dear's schedule have ruled it out in the past. This year, I went for it! It was work for me but I SO enjoyed it! When I worship, I move and I got to do just that, sing and sway. At one part in the production, I was unable to sing my heart was so filled at the wonder of a baby! At home, I had left My Dear to fend for himself with a rebellious potty trainer, a baby! Babies, I can relate to. A mother's love, I can relate to. It stopped me in my tracks as I worshipped our Savior coming as a baby, just what I had left at home.

As we made our way through the crowd, folks would stop us and tell us how much they enjoyed it and how they worshipped. I went to the nursery to get Tiny and then looked for the others. Almost instantly-warfare was on! So much so, I was exhausted.

This morning, feeling anxious and short tempered, I took the darlings to music class. Our director stopped me to share her heart about the night. My eyes filled with tears as I shared I was under siege. I know it is a refining, I like the outcome, but not the process. A lot like potty training.

I had NEVER thought about the warfare I would face after the production. But God knew. He also knew that music lessons would be the next morning and a hug and a prayer would be waiting. So here I am again, going to grab the Sword of the Spirit to prepare for the next battle. AND I may and may not do so in the bathroom, cause it is a pretty busy place in our home these days!


Judy said...

Such an appropriate picture! Glad to hear you were a part of the Christmas choir and aware of His Presence!

teachinmom said...

So true. So true. You have said it well.

Lynn Cowell said...

I loved all of your ideas for Christmas shopping! They were the best! We picked out some similiar items at World Vision. Wish we would all do it...what an impact we could make!
Thanks for stopping by my blog :)