Friday, March 5, 2010


Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart! Psalm 37:4

I have a brown coat that I love! I love that it is brown, it has a hood, works for dress or play and it was FREE! I love that old coat but I noticed it is looking just that, old! Sometimes love is blind even when it comes to coats!

I emailed my sister to see what she had hanging in her closet. It is pay backs for all of those times we shared a room and my clothes disappeared! She had nothing but said she would keep an eye out for a good deal on a ski gets cold here!

I needed a white shirt to serve at a banquet being held at the church. I invited Dolly to ride with me to the donation center. We went by the ATM-that would not work. Dolly asked how much the shirt was and then told me she could pay for it cause of course she had her wallet! I took her up on it!

I took the shirts to the dressing room and did the lift and bend test-you know, lift your arms up and bend over to insure full coverage-only one shirt won. Got the shirt. Dolly found the coat she had spotted earlier that week for her baby and a purse. We were about to leave when I turned to find a ski jacket in GREAT shape. I checked the size-mine! Asked the price- 1/2 off of winter-$2.50! Tried it on-fit! Now...oh yeah, I don't have any money!

Dolly dumped her wallet on a bench, I dumped my change and we counted coins! I counted several times but we were just cents short! I hesitated, but asked Dolly if she would be willing to put the purse back. She agreed-how sweet is that!?

We went to the counter to pay. I reached into my pocket and found my grocery cart quarter so we got the purse too! When we left, I thanked God for providing every cent and for Dolly's willingness to do without. Dolly, thanked God for the bench that we counted our coins on.

I was SO excited about the coat and proud of the price! I put it on to model it for My Dear. He was impressed! I stuck my hand in the pocket and pulled out $4 in McDonald's gift certificates. I looked for information to return the coupons but no luck.

God not only provided the coat I had in mind, the blessing of a child who put her wants aside for another, but he also bought my dinner! Yep, that is what I call a DELIGHT!


Judy said...

I LOVE this - thanks for sharing!

teachinmom said...

What a fun and loving Father we have! How wonderful for Him to let little Dolly learn how He provides for His children!

Leah W said...

That is really neat, what a sweet little girl you are raising, I'm so glad God quickly rewarded her!

Shay S. said...

I feel like I know you, because I know several people that know you & say so many great things about you. I love this story & found your blog from a friend. That is one sweet little girl to be willing to buy your coat & shirt & put the purse back like that!