Friday, March 26, 2010

To Restore

Our team member Sam, has a story she tells of a family she knows.
Their grandmother was in the hospital and the family gathered. Sam describes them as being dramatic in that if it is good-it is very good and if it is bad-it is tragic!

Grandmother was about to have an operation and the family members were mourning and weeping in the waiting area sure that Grandmother would die. When Grandmother was fine, there was loud rejoicing! The daughter went into her mother's room and began loudly praising God, much to the alarm of the hospital staff. When the staff asked for the "preacher woman" to leave she turned to them and said, "It has long been my prayer that God would restore that which the locust had eaten!" (found it in Joel 2:25)

We have to be careful in using scripture in context but over the last couple of days with my stomach ruling my actions and diet I now feel as if my prayer is "for God to restore that which the locust have eaten!"

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