Monday, March 22, 2010

Turn off the Paved Road-Day2

Yesterday was Sunday. We visited a "House Church." The directions to the church included, "turn off the paved road."

We drove to another providence about 2 and 1/2 hours away to attend this church. Our group of 12 took up a great deal of space in the church. We left home with 11 and ended up with 12, when Amy, a member of a church in Washington knew we were here. She is visiting family here and has joined us everyday. She is such a joy and a blessing. She helps us with our money and communication. She ordered lunch for us yesterday since known of us could read the menu. She obviously, has become part of our team and our jokes.

Amy joined us at the house church as well. We unloaded our bus to look for a place to use the restroom-tissue and "han-a-tizer" (as Dolly calls it) in hand. We walked to the back and were lead to a little building. It has tile floor and was wet. There was no toilet-which I expected-but there was no hole either. We learned it was a shower instead. Another building was located at the back. We had to practice our squatting!! We dipped water out of a bucket to "flush." Just to think we actually have heated and padded toilet seats in the states.

The church was attached to a house. The house was open-as in few to no walls. I actually thought the kitchen was a barn-it was covered in tarps with an open fire. I assume the dog and chickens in the kitchen threw me off. We store a lawn mower in a better facility.

In the service, we were seated in a variety of plastic chairs and stools. My roommate, Fay and I were seated on backless stools. We were there for about 3 hours in worship. The temperature is 36-37 degrees Celsius...check the conversions on that one! We assume that is the 90s.

Let me paint the picture of this church: hard-backless chairs, heat, lizards, roosters, and chicks....this was their church. Many times I groan at having to get up out of my comfy bed to go to church. The cushy seats and climate control are not considered. I could not help but think of how self-centered we are. There are churches in our backyards with all the comforts and we don't drag ourselves out of bed! I do not want to forget the privilege of worshipping as a body in such a wonderful facility.

Despite the conditions, there is something amazing about being in a room of believers. Although we we were not able to communicate with them, we were able to worship. The love for one another was obvious.


buckandbev said...

Thanks Mel, is seems as if time hasn't made a big difference. Don't you love the people there? You never know what you have until you visit another country and culture. You will have to remember not to judge life style. They would think that we are wasteful and spoiled....and they would be right! Love you, pass out hugs for us.

Mom and Dad

Stephanie C. said...

I am enjoying your gift that you have given to us. Each word you share is God-inspired. By writing what you feel, God speaks through you. I remember many years ago you talked about planting seeds. Now those years have given us fields of faith. Looking forward to more words of encouragement. Stephanie - FBC @ PKY

Anonymous said...

U r in our prayers. Love the House family

Nina said...

I watched Bob's video of you all today. It was heartbreaking yet inspiring at the same time. You must know you are changing someone's little life, if only for an hour or a moment.
Stay strong and I'm praying for you, girl!

buckandbev said...

Would like to see the video(s) what is the blog they are on?