Monday, January 10, 2011

A Closer ROCK With Thee

Too often bedtime is a mess! If I get started later then scheduled, it is a rushed process. In the rush, the little ladies have a hard time falling asleep. My impatience carries right over to them! It seems most likely to happen when the day has been long for both My Dear and I or when My Dear is away at bedtime.

It eventually comes down to the girls needing a back rub, an extra million hugs, a song, or for Miss B. to be rocked. I know it would take about 10 or 15 minutes but I am still too anxious to do it. But when I put the me aside, I climb to the top bunk to whisper sweets into Dolly's ear and give her those extra squeezes. It is like medicine for her she goes to sleep feeling calm and loved. Miss B. grabs her bb and is ready to "wock." She even makes a request of what song she wants me to sing.

On those nights, in the dark of the girls' bedroom, with the sound of a squeaky glider, the warmth of a sleepy toddler against me, and the sound of sweet voices, I enter into a time of worship and praise. The girls will sing along with me what they know and then fall fast asleep. I will close my eyes and sing to the Lord. For He, at that time, is my only audience. When I am in that sweet spot with God, I wonder why I don't go there more often? Many times, I just let the girls toss and turn trying to put themselves to sleep. Why do I withhold such sweet fellowship from myself? God said, if we do not praise Him the rocks will cry out. Well, at my house I want the praise to come from our hearts and that has got to start with me. So I will accept His invitation to enter into His presence with praise- me and a steady beat from the squeaky rocker.


buckandbev said...

You put a tear in my eyes. Don't know if it is pride or just wishing I could share all that with you.

Love ya

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

ME TOO!!!!!!!

aunt dee said...

I agree, your words are so touching. You are such a good mother, you are such a good person, I am so proud of you!