Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sweet Surprise!

Christmas Day I got a sweet phone call from a lady I met in Vnam! We chatted and teased and then Amy asked if I would be home the following weekend. I told her yes. She said she had a gift for me, assured me it was not carrot juice (which she had me drink for tummy troubles in Vnam-yuck!) and that I would like it! I watched the mail for an arrival.

I got a phone call from another lady I met on the trip a week later. She is the missionary wife here in the states. I found it odd that she would call. I shared with her that My Dear's family were coming to visit. She wanted to meet up with me to give me Amy's gift and that weekend...when the fam was here.

Then the phone rang again-it was Amy! How odd is that!? I get to talk with both of them right after one another.....well, because they were together! Our sweet Amy who lived on the west coast was in our state!!! She wanted to surprise us but was getting no where. I asked permission from My Dear's family to leave that evening and I loaded some of the Vnam team up for a road trip. They knew that a gift waited for them but they did not have any idea it was Amy! Such a sweet way to start the year-precious family and rock'n ladies!

We enjoyed dinner at a Viet Bristo halfway between our 2 locations. The food had its own American flair about it like Chinese here so I enjoyed the meal! It was not like in Vnam-"and that's the truth" as we joked about in Vnam. I did try the fish sauce knowing I would be going home to my own bathroom if it did not set well. Amy teased the fish sauce was the source to speaking Vnames. I guess I will never speak it!

We all tried our hand once again at chopsticks and then Amy pulls out a fork. She said, you eat like in my country and I will eat like in your country! She is so much fun! AND as funny as she is, she is just as passionate for the love of her Savior and sharing His love to the world-especially Vnam.

While we chatted and caught up the missionary's wife asked us if we remembered one of the translators there. I most certainly did!!

In this picture, I am one person away from my God slamming me! That probably sounds harsh but let me tell you, it was just what I needed. God had began to deal with me on parts of my past. I questioned His doing so since I was about to head to the other side of the world (I think God finds great humor in my "know it all" attitude.) The feet I was about to reach would become even more precious to me because this woman's prayer was what God wanted to deal with me about. I prayed over the other ladies but for this women, I washed her feet in my tears! I not only prayed, I called out to God and begged Him to bless her with this one precious gift!

I have continued to pray over this woman and her husband. This women, whose name I do not even know, has no idea the role her tiny feet played into my life. This women, yep, the woman whose prayers are being answered!

When the news was shared, our table was pleased but I cheered as if Billy and Dolly had kicked their first soccer goals! It was a THANK YOU GOD moment and I was led to worship and praise Him right there! I was the loudest white woman in the place! By the way, in the place where we learned was open for the first time on New Year's Day....exactly when needed it to be open!

Dear God, when I call you a good God- it is indeed an understatement!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

What a wonderful God testimony!!! :)

Melanie said...

Thank you for sharing what's going on with your marriage. I can sooo relate! I am experiencing something similar. I prayed for you and your marriage today.