Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lesson on Forgiveness by a 3 year old

I have told you about bb before. BB is a small blanket that our Little Miss B. carries. She uses it mainly at nap time but for many other "hard times" she brings it along. The bb used to be pink but it is now an indescribable color although we still refer to it as being pink.

Last week the bb was hauled often. Not sure why more that week then this week....but aren't some days, weeks, months....just like that. The bb has been tossed on the kitchen table, dropped on the kitchen floor and even taken to the bathroom. I asked if I could have it to wash because frankly, it was grossing me out!!! It resembled more of a rag then a blanket.

As I looked at that nasty, filthy dirty blanket held close to the face of our precious daughter I knew she did not care how dirty it was. She loves her bb!

Isn't it just like God. He created us perfectly. He had plans set for us and directions in the Bible for us to follow. We are all clean, pink, soft, and beautiful. But then, we make choices and go places we shouldn't and we end up marked, dirty, and no longer the pure color God made us to be. But God, in His infinite love for us-longs to be with us, hold us tightly, and even snuggle the filthy rag we are up to His face. He knows where we have been, how disobedient we have been, how numerous our sins, but He is not scared of how gross we are. He holds us close, breathes us in, and HE LOVES US! Of all the blankies that are out there-new and old-He still longs for us-the nasty, used to be pink blanket with stains covering us. He covers us with His mercy and grace and like our little B. with her blanket, all He can really see is a perfectly pink BB with flowers on it. thankful.

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"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Thank God HE still sees us as worth it!!! Even when we aren't.... :)