Saturday, January 29, 2011

For This Season

It is D Now weekend!!!! Teenagers go to live in small herds together in the homes of church members. A Bible study leader is assigned to live with them as well. It is like a mini camp! Our friends come to do the worship music and we get to hang for just a bit! I know I wanted to be a part of the large group sessions and "Mami" our adopted(well, you name it, she is it) agreed to hang with what ever little people would rather stay with her.

We were able to hang with our friends for a bit last night and made plans to meet up for lunch today and their daughter to come play. As we talked last night, I shared with my friend Joanna that I knew that more then anything God has called me to minister to our children because the season is just 18 years. I was so looking forward to what God would do over the weekend, then Man Cub got sick.

So, today, I am thinking and praying for those kids while we lay around the house and watching far too much television. Wishing I could be there to watch them enjoy all that My Dear puts into the weekend but instead, I am called to my primary ministry. God has a way of putting me in my place. He reminded me that currently, Man Cub is half way there. Learning about sacrifice, silent service of prayer, and a few too many things about animated Super Heroes, but I only get this season to get it!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Awww...sorry you had to miss out. BUT you are right in that we only get 18 years (or less) to spend with our kiddos- VERY IMPORTANT!!

House Family said...

You are so right! It is really starting to hit me since in 6 months i will be a parent of a teenager!