Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jesus Recycles

Grumpy me loaded the recyclables and the children to get to the recycling center. We had a LOAD! Grumpy's children were uninterested in helping. Well, I thought one was but after getting out of the vehicle in the cold they confessed they did not want to help only to go into the Reuse it store. Just what we need MORE STUFF!!! Grumpy ordered that child back to the vehicle-too cold and dangerous to be standing around not working. Grumpy was so grumpy that others heard the sharp tone in her voice and even passed a glance my way. There goes mom of the year and we are in the first days of January!

I unloaded my stuff and jumped in the vehicle to leave. I saw a older lady out of the corner of my eye (and activity) getting out of her stuffed vehicle. She was moving slow and it was cold. I took note of her and began to pull out. It was going to take her awhile and with it being so cold, she will be a "cube" (of ice that is.) She is small as well, can she even reach? I pulled out only to whip the vehicle around and park with the gang all strapped in. I invited anyone who wanted to join me to help....but they are my kids, and chose to stay in the I said, little humans.

The sweet dear could not even reach the receptacles and she allowed me the honor to assist her. As we finished disbursing her goods, she asked my name and spoke with me awhile. She then asked why we moved here and I said for My Dear's job which led to where does he work.

She shared her religious training with me and that she is now taking care of her husband. A stroke has left him in a wheelchair and the once a week Bible study they went to, they can no longer attend. I hugged this sweet lady in the cardboard shelter and prayed with her. My parents have been caregivers. My in laws (both sets) are caring for a parent. My sweet mama friend was a caregiver to her little angel until recently when her princess went to be with Jesus for complete healing. I have seen it and know it comes with exhaustion, depression, and pure selflessness. I knew this lady was likely facing the same thing.

It is not everyday, you tell a person your name and where you live as soon as you meet. It for sure does happen to me that a sweet little lady would ask that I stop by sometime. Needless to say, I saw the Holy Spirit at the recycling center today. With all of that being said, I have evidence that Jesus would not recycle. He was there at the center that day! Although, I have and continue to mess up, I pray that my life will be evidence of Christ recycling.....cause I am remade! Thank you Jesus!

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