Monday, April 5, 2010


Some days I get so fed up with the STUFF in my life and the culture we live in that I want to put our belongings in the front yard with a for sale on it and pack the family up and move to a 3rd world country.

I heard God tell me before our trip to Vnam to prepare to move. Finally, He is going to do it! He is going to send us to Vnam!!! I told My Dear and he did his preacher laugh. Have you noticed the preacher laugh? It is the laugh to celebrate what God had done. Billy told me about the laugh when he called My Dear (in the car with 2 preachers) to tell him that he had accepted Christ. I asked Billy what the fellas said and he said, "they laughed!" Hence-the preacher laugh. So when I asked if My Dear was ready to move-he laughed.

As I sat with all of those folks in the insanely hot room I waited to hear God tell me to go to Vnam. I understood our leader's love for the country and it was easy to love the people. The fields are so ripe with folks hungry to know! Surely they could use a homeschooling mama and a white case you have forgotten Lord, we are portable.

My Dear tried out some Vnamese on skype and Amy said he was very good (which is just like Amy.) I asked her if he should relocate and she said yes. My Dear took the opportunity to ask me, "are you staying?" I knew it was a loaded question and I could not answer yes. I assured him that part of my heart would be in VN (Vnam) but my body will be in NV (our little town.)

When we returned home, we were greeted by cold, energetic folks in the parking lot of the church. My Dear is taking a team to Haiti this summer and after a missionary spoke on Sunday, I believe another team will be forming. It hit! When God said get ready to move He was talking about our church. We are to fulfill the GO part of Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation! Mark 16:15

Sunday, I went to step into our comfortable worship center. I immediately felt overwhelmed. I walked back out. I could not sit in that room with everything perfect when my brothers and sisters were in the heat worshipping with the chickens. Let me tell ya it was some worship too!!

God had laid this on my heart prior to returning home but I had forgotten until I stepped into that room. The two weeks prior, I had slipped my shoes off at the door to go to church. I was reminded by a friend, that I have to do what He is telling me to do! (I really like giving that advice but not so much getting it.) Again, I hear God say "MOVE!" "It is not about you and people looking at you-I am telling you to do this and when I don't want you to do it anymore, I will tell you." So, I found an old metal chair and walked myself in-late-sat in my ole chair and wept. Even a metal chair is exceptional seating from where I have been. But God is calling me to MOVE! Move out of my comfort zone- to be different-to give up comfort!

He is calling me to look up and look out for others. Do the little things! MOVE myself across town to assist a family. I need to MOVE my excuses out the door. MOVE the me out of the way. Yep, I'm MOVING! Taking baby steps, but MOVING cause I want to be on the "GO!" for Him.


buckandbev said...

Sounds like my middle button learned more then she was prepared for. We live in the greatest country on the face of the earth yet we send our young men to try and end the problems of the world. We should be try to prevent problems. We should feed, doctor and love our brothers and sisters as instructed. Spread the word of our Lord but always work to let the world see God in us. Love Mel (sorry, the soap box just seemed to jump beneath my feet)

zzzzzzzzz said...

Amen girly! This really touched my heart. Our Father has been telling me something quite similiar. Thank you for speaking Truth!