Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a little help, please.

I had some reward money for being a customer at a store. I had to use it by today so last night we loaded up the troops so that I could go get some shirts that fit. A year ago, I cleanced my closet of stuff that was worn out or showed too much if I wore it. With that being said, I needed shirts.

I know I have gotten older but has fashion really changed that much? I am beginning to wonder if since the clothes are made in Asian countries are they measuring Asian ladies for fit? I have seen those ladies and they would be the first to say that WE ARE DIFFERENT! I will just call myself a typical, healthy American (I so need to get a post up on this topic while in Vnam.)

Due to my disappointment in fashion, I have develped a shirt test. I put it on and bend over in front of the dressing room mirror-if stuff is visible, the shirt is out!
The other test is to reach. If you can see that evidence of my last pregnancy (or 3!) when I reach up or what the back of pants hold, then that shirt is out. I do not have an office job. I work with children so I reach and bend a lot. I also run, jump, carry...the list goes on. Honestly, I don't know how anyone can wear those shirts!

I took several shirts to the dressing room and only one came close to passing the test but I did not even like it. So needless to say, Miss B. got some new shirts last night! A babydoll style fits perfectly around her round, milk tummy. Now, wonder if I can get some of those in adult sizes?


buckandbev said...

If you can, check to see if they have XXXL long for well kept guy?

Teri said...

I never thought of them using Asian ladies measurements, but you could be right. I find I've moved up a size,and truly, I have NOT gained weight. I may need to come visit again and put that sewing machine to use!

Carolyn G. said...

Melanie, I do love your blog! A very lively conversation with readers, blending your personality, your love for Jesus, and your family, and God's bigger, and growing, family. Thanks!