Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Glasses

Since our trip to Vnam, I am seeing ministry differently. I did not realize that I was looking at it through, "it's all about me" glasses. You would think I would already know how this works. I held ministry positions since college and even worked at a Missions camp. I was called to ministry and then called to be a minister's wife....I should have gotten it! But it was clouded through those "it's all about me" glasses.

Many times when My Dear wanted to hang out with the fellas or have teenage boys laying around our living room with game controllers, soda, burping, or the RISK game board-I wondered why he did not want to spend time with me. I resented his being gone every Friday night for football games and through the week for practices in a position he volunteered for.

Tonight, after a service mission project and then a game of Capture the Flag-we had My Dear to ourselves again. After dinner, we hopped on our bikes and rode to the park. We LOVE our bicycles! As soon as we got there, the kids ran to play and a teenager came up and started talking to My Dear. Our kids were too busy playing to notice. I knew what was about to happen-I learned this lesson within the first year of marriage-Has Ball, Will Play!

My Dear jumped in on a game of basketball with some teenagers. He not only played but gently coached the kids as they played. I could not help but watch and smile! Right there, My Dear was showing those kids that he cared about them. He cared enough to hang out with them and to teach them. He attempted to build relationships and give the kids a face they may recognize at school or in the community (and with his haircut it makes him easy to identify.)

I saw what My Dear sees all the time, an opportunity for ministry. I was able to look at the situation with New Eyes and I am liking my new glasses so much more!!

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