Thursday, April 1, 2010

Time With Daddy

I am up 2 hours early this morning. So, maybe I am off still a little bit on time or maybe it was the chocolate that Nana left when she went home. Either way, I am up. I awoke with prayers of those who accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior in Vnam-the hands I held and the necks I hugged. Prayed for them today as well as the ministers and wives that blessed me.

With My Dear working outside of our home and my being at home full time, the children miss their daddy. On Wednesdays, he kisses them good-bye in the morning and gets home to kiss them good night. In fact, he comes straight through the door to get to their bedrooms before they are too groggy to know he was there.

If there is an event or camp, I try to busy them so they do not miss him. But then it happens, a break down. My Dear and I have diagnosed the problem as "QT." One little person gets QT and can not contain themselves. They need Quality Time with daddy! Daddy sweeps in to cuddle, talk, read, and sometimes lay down beside them and it may keep them up past bedtime but there is only one cure for the problem. Although mommy is good enough for the events of the day, they want daddy at night.

A mom mentioned to me that she could never leave her children like I did by going to Vnam. But now I know that I needed QT with my Father too!

God kept my mind focused on the people of Vnam while I was there. He comforted me with knowing Daddy and Nana had the fort held down here. He even allowed me to talk with the family via skype and many times, the children were too busy to talk.

He had so much to show much to tell me... so much to remind me...and so many ways to lavish His love on me. I truly needed the QT!

Not until I heard the shouts of "There's Mommy!" at the airport, did I realize that I did miss those little darlins'! I ran to them and the tears came as soon as I saw their little heads sticking out of the same window of the van. It made it possible to hug all of them at same time! (Thank you God!)

I am glad to be home with my little posse but so very thankful to have this experience. QT with my Father was just what I needed to be the mommy and wife that He called me to be. Thank you God for continually investing in me.

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