Monday, April 12, 2010

small framed-Spiritual GIANT

My bed has been stripped of it's linens (thank you Billy) and lays naked under clean laundry waiting to be folded and put away. But I need to talk to ya'll!
My Dear just asked if we had mushrooms and peppers on the pizza we had for dinner-apparently, I did not clean up after B. very well.
Cool story-our local "Papa's Pizza Hut" as B. calls it agreed to put a flier about a new study at church on their pizza box lids. Because of that, the people of our church bombarded them with orders to thank them. So much so that they just laughed when I told them why I was ordering. He said, "we have talked to all of you tonight!" What a witness to those folks! My Dear has lost 17lbs so pizza is a no-n0. We ordered when he would not be home but he contributed the funds to pay for it. I pulled the wagon for a walk afterwards. Praying that God will see our goal and evaporate the extra calories! He is a mighty God!!

As you can see, I have some stuff to take care of BUT my heart and head have been so full I need to puke on paper as my friend Fay says. Speaking of Fay, let me tell you about this small framed-Spiritual Giant!
It was Fay, who told me about the mission trip to Vietnam. She asked if I would pray about her going. That night, I contacted My Dear (who was away at camp) and asked him about it. He said "GO!" I called Fay and we celebrated over the phone-we are going to Vnam!
Fay introduced herself to me when we came to the church. She knows about being a pastor's wife. When she began to talk to me, I did not know anything about her, but she sure knew what I was facing as the newbie. She is the kind of friend that you back your truck up to and DUMP! She has been there!
It was such a blessing to watch Fay do what she loves-tell people about Jesus!
Fay was asked to speak to the Pastor's wives at the conference in Vnam but became ill. You may recall reading that a taxi cab driver asked Jesus into his heart as a result of Fay needing to leave the conference. She had struggled with God bringing her across the globe to be so sick, but then she knew!
Because she was unable to speak at the conference, she was invited to share her testimony at a rural house church. She was unsure of what part of her testimony to share but knew God would lead her. She shared less about her life and more about her Lord.
After the service, a 23 year old woman (pictured below with her baby) was lead to the front. They asked that our group pray for her because she has leukemia. My hand, as well as others, immediately flew back to touch Fay.

Fay knows leukemia. Fay released her husband to the Lord 6 and half years ago at the age of 32 after a battle with leukemia. God blessed her with a husband (I am looking forward to meeting someday) and 3 little boys. Fay knew, that this woman is the reason God did not want her to share that part of her life. Fay stepped to the front of the church lead the prayer over this young woman. Short little Fay prayed with such boldness. Her voice never cracked and a tear never rolled from her eyes. ( I on the other hand was a mess!) Fay prayed with authority! I marveled at our God and what a divine arrangement He made. Once again, Fay was reminded why God brought her to the other side of the world. It was POWERFUL!
God gave me a sweet picture of Fay as well. Bob was heading into the China Sea to do baptisms. We were celebrating on the beach when I spotted Fay standing on the beach holding Bob's belt and shoes. It made me smile to think of how often she has played that role for her husband. I teased her about her experience with doing that and she teased back that she had held bigger seeing that her husband towered over her, much like her boys are beginning to do. Such a sweet picture in my heart!

Lastly, Fay was able to pray with a young women outside of a Buddhist temple as she accepts Jesus as her Lord and Savior. This was one of the highlights of Fay's trip! This woman was looking for something and had no idea she would meet Christ at the temple!

Now you have 2 more faces of Vnam women to pray over. I am so thankful for Fay and women like her. I am so glad she is on our team!


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

WOW- what a beautiful testimony & witness!!!! Thank you for that inspiration- I LOVE IT!

Wander said...

I love hearing such sweet stuff!
God bless you dear people for obeying God.
I'm sure your hearts will never be the same again!

JottinMama said...

What a powerful post!

Unbelievable. Thank you so much for sharing.

I'm glad you got to go on the trip. I'm sure you were a blessing to everyone there!

Have a great weekend!

-Kate :)