Saturday, June 21, 2014


For the past two weeks, My Dear and I have traveled a rocky road to Creole classes.   Seat belts are not mandatory for passengers to wear but today I put one on just to stay put in my seat!   Each day on this walk, we see children dressed in their uniforms heading to school.   Some of them walk alone but younger students walk with an older sibling or with their mama holding their hand just like in the states.   There are some children who are not in uniform.   They carry water buckets, brooms, or just stare at the vehicle as it drives past.   You see not all children in Haiti are gifted with the opportunity to go to school.  School is expensive and having a uniform just adds to the cost.   School is an honor and a privilege and those children who do not get to go to school long for the opportunity.   Many of them will be the first in their families to go to school so it is an honor for the entire family.

The past two weeks students from Crossings have stopped by for an overnight stay in the cooler climates and many of them have had a golden opportunity to meet a little person at the playground.   They have thumbed through cards and profiles and have chosen a little face.   They will be their supporter.   The students from the United States will be the reason that the children in Haiti get an education!   They will be the ones who make it possible for them to carry backpacks instead of water buckets each morning.   They will give the gift for these students to get an education.   This is big stuff!   Big stuff that cost a student, a family, an individual, a Sunday School class, a Life Group pennies just pennies compared to what we pay for education!   For only $25 a month, a child's future is changed for the better!   $25 a month makes you a sponsor for a child.   You provide their school supplies, uniform and insure their education along with a meal each day.   My Dear and I sponsor children through two other organizations.   It cost much more than this one and while in Haiti last fall, we were able to meet a sponsored child and you can too!   It is a pretty cool way to teach our children too!  

SOOO how do you get started?   Check out Baptist Haiti Mission on Facebook or visit BHM online at     Check out Child Sponsorship.  Look through the precious faces of children who are in need of sponsors.   Know this!   When you select and sponsor a child, that child along with a few other children will get to go to school and when those few other children are sponsored, then more children are pulled into the program and are no longer carrying water buckets with faces downcast but have smiles with their chins held high and a future that is bright!   Man, what a bargain of a blessing!

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