Saturday, June 28, 2014

Prayer Request

Sunday, we will be taking off to Atrel!   Yep, we will pack up after being her for 4 weeks and take a 2 week trip to Atrel.   Our home is located on the mountain so it is not only lovely but it is cool!   In fact, it is so cool that we do not have air conditioners and we close our windows at night (well I do, I am sure My Dear wished we didn't close all of them.)  

In Atrel, we will living with another family in our ministry.   They are the only family serving in that area.   They have five children so that is a major perk for our kiddos!   But the climate is dry, dusty, and well, it is hot there!   She told us to bring the coolest clothes we have and good walking shoes.

We will go each day to live along side of a Haitian family.   It will be a sink or swim saga as we learn to communicate with them and their family and to work along side of them.   There are no washing machines, like the luxury of my wash day Friday.  We will be armed with our Creole dictionaries to help us to communicate.  For real, sink or swim!

With this trip come several prayer request.

1.   Our Dolly is sorry to leave her beloved Chester behind.   Pray that God continues to give her peace as He grows her to trust Him.

2.  Pray for sweet Morgan, our intern and Chester the pup that they will get along well and that Chester will be calm instead of the stressed out pound puppy that he can be when separated from family.

3.  Pray for our language learning.   We have had many classes but lack the practical use of the language.   We serve in areas of administration so our contact with Haitians in real relationships is limited, especially now, as we learn the ropes.  

4.  Pray for our travels.  Dolly and I have had trouble in the past on the bumpy, long, hot travels on Haitian roads.  This trip will be our longest yet.   Pray that we can travel sickness free and that our bodies will become accustomed to this new "normal."  The children haven't even ridden in a car in the past 2 weeks, it is just not our typical.

5.  Pray that we are a blessing to those around us.

6.   Pray that Billy, Dolly, and Miss B. adjust well and are eager to learn.   Pray that they mesh well with the other children that they will living with for the next 2 weeks.   Pray that they are good role models to the children around them.

7.  Pray that in the heat and the change that we are all about the Father's business and not concerned about our own comforts and needs.

8.   Pray that we adjust to all things new...again.   It was just 5 weeks ago, that we loaded a truck with a few things that were a part of our normal and drove off from the rest of it.   The children still grieve for their backyard and next door friends.   Tears are a weekly occurrence and here we go again.

9.   We don't want to be wimps.   Pray for stamina as we face the heat and the mile long walks to get where we need to be as well as no problems with food.

10.   Pray for the Baker family of 7 as they are about to have us move all into their  lives as they work to help us.

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Carolyn G. said...

Melanie, Our computer crashed about 3 weeks ago, and I visit the library to use the internet.
Today for the first time since you left I've been able to access your blog. So very good to read about your family's experiences and escapades.

You are always in our hearts and prayers. I know GOD is using your family every day, and He is working wonders in your hearts as well.

You're much love, much missed, much prayed for.