Thursday, June 5, 2014

One Week

It has been one week since the truck pulled up with our possessions and another truck carrying us.    One week of learning many things and still so much to learn.   Things are becoming somewhat familiar and some things are not.   Below are a few photos to share about our new normal....that may or may not be so "normal" for us just yet.
 We do not have a bathtub just showers with low pressure.   Since we are in a private location Dolly was allowed to ditch the skirt to give Chester a bath.   Those totes also double as bathtubs for 6 year old girls....well, at least for our 6 year old girl.
 The foliage is beautiful and all too soon it will fade into normal and we will not even notice the beauty of it.   Even the cracks on the patio have bright colored flowers growing up through them.   Prettiest weeds ever!
 Facetime and Skype....thank you God!  The rings of the devices will probably always cause everyone to jump to their feet.   This is a normal for the kids already.
 Market veggies still have the dirt on them...can't get much more organic than these.   Hoping Dolly's desire to wash them stays normal.

 I know it will get old for them all too soon, but our dish washing schedule is working.   Miss B. is suited up from her turn of washing.  Boiling two sinks of water to wash is becoming more normal and My Dear or I stand by to assist.   It is a sweet time of discussion over dish duty.   Dolly likes trying out new "recipes" with what groceries we have.   Today we had potatoes, carrots, onion, and a few slithers of green peppers fried was yummy!   
 Billy is comfortable with the stove and knows the best way to get to eat what he wants is to offer to cook it.   He also likes to do this on his dish duty night so he can control the dirty dish population....the boy is no fool!   His favorite dish is spaghetti and we can do that one here!
 This guy, has been a bit needy lately.   He is not used to the open windows and sounds and is startled from his sleep prepared to protect his family...who ends up being awaken by his bark.  This week has been a bit tough on him.   He has had some time to run without a leash outside and has done well.  Hoping this is not the new normal for least the barking, needy part.   The playing without a leash and staying close to home can stay!

Notice the floor.  The floor is concrete throughout the house with tile in the bathrooms.   We have a couple of area rugs.  (Thank you Monica!)   This has become pretty normal for me but I wear shoes all the time...just ask our neighbor about my snazzy red slippers.
Today there was a knock at the door while My Dear took kids to play basketball at a court they discovered.   Colton, another missionary stopped by to deliver this ketchup.   He was heading toward our house to go to our neighbor's.   My Dear had stopped at Mountain Maid to get some french fries as a treat with the kids and did not want to waste this ketchup.   I guess the sticker shock of our grocery trip is something he is not over yet either...I guess that will eventually become normal, but it doesn't mean we have to like it!


Katie said...

Haiti is 100% the most beautiful place I have been! Hope you guys are doing well. Keep posting so I can keep stalking you! : )

Barbara Cornett said...

A new normal!! Thanks for keeping us posted!