Saturday, June 7, 2014

Neighbors to Visit (one week ago)

Last Sunday, Baptist Haiti Mission hosted a luncheon, barbecue style for our neighbors and staff of BHM. .   The Mission is over 70 years old and most of our neighbors have homes hidden behind tall walls and heavy gates.   This is the first time that anyone remembers having a time for our neighbors to come in and see what we are about,  it also allowed us, to hear what their suggestions are for the mission.  Many of these folks were not church attenders.   Because they are upper class, they speak English and French.   This made it MUCH easier for our family to meet new people since we had just moved into the country.

Here are some pictures from the fun, tiring, chicken filled, rewarding day.

 Colby is sharing a little bit of love with Baby Annie.
 Activity is just get started at the playground.
 Mamas and their babies.   Baby Annie's daddy works with our mission and for World Vision.
 Lizzie and Dolly certainly enjoyed meeting one another.   Lizzie's family lives at the camp where the Crossings students go.   This was the first place that My Dear ever visited in Haiti.   In fact, students from "our church" are there now!
 Introducing ourselves.   The sweet young woman in black and blue is an intern with BHM this summer.   She rocks!   
 I was desperate for this smile after just moving here.  So very thankful to see it again.   These young men had lived in the states and Billy was teaching them how to pitch in this picture.  Billy had been frustrated with the language barrier so he was thrilled to have some English speaking kids to play with. 
 Yep, corn hole in Haiti.   It was so like God to send these fellas and even sweeter that the oldest boy's name is Max....the same as a friend that Billy left back in the states.
 Sammy was pretty happy about his cupcake.
 Double fisted!   This picture confirms the nickname her Grandmother gave her,  "Sugar."
 Sasha was a treat for Dolly and lives right down the road.   Her mom asked someone to find us when we stopped by the playground one day this week so the girls could play along with Sasha and her cousins.   Her mom was quick to let me know the girls all spoke English so they could visit together.
 Our very own Elsa, who rocked the name before the movie Frozen, visiting with some ladies.
 Six year olds!   This sweetie's mama works for the mission.   She is the only daughter with 3 brothers.   She was happy to see another little girl.   Very soon, Miss B. will learn the language to be able to speak with her.
 Abby, a missionary kid, takes a HINT to get out of the picture!   Funny little boy!
Lots of visiting and sharing went on.  We had a lovely day with lovely weather.   God is good!

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