Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Life As Of Recent

The girls decided they want to do laundry like "real Haitians."   They set to work along with a rope that was left behind by one of the teams.   When the teams leave it is like Goodwill and the girls score all kinds of goodies...or at least goodies to them.   I did have to cut them off on taking insect repellant.   We are over stocked! 
 They washed and hung clothes to dry and had fun.  When they dried, we folded and put them away.   But I learned the folding and putting away part is not near as fun!  My favorite book as a little girl was a Little Golden book called Little Mommy.   It was rereleased a few years ago and I bought every copy I saw to share with little girls in our lives.   One page looked a lot like this one but with a washboard.  
 My Dear had an overnight trip to Miami.   He flew back with a team of teens, thankfully the team included our church and My Dear was seated by sweet Olivia.   He said he laughed the entire way to FL.   He took 2 empty suitcases and slept about 3 hours that night due to fulfilling a shopping list the kids and I had compiled.   Toilet seats, clocks, a vacuum, laundry detergent, a speaker for Billy, beef sticks for Dolly, dog food and treats for Chester, tic tacs for Miss B.   Yes, friends that is a basket of granola bars....this boy loves me!  He met the next team of students at the airport and flew with them into Port.

 The girls' new clothesline was in the shade so they moved the clothes up to the main line.   This is Miss B. checking to see if they are ready yet.  I guess it is laundry and exercise at the same time as she jumps with each article.

For those of you who know our Dolly, this picture will not surprise you at all!   Dolly asked for goat before we even moved because of her friendship with our goat loving friends.   Ginger, as Dolly named her, is in the zoo here.   Dolly put her on a leash and took for her a walk after the campus was closed to visitors (but the hospital area is always open.)   Our collector of dog leashes is putting them to good use.   Ginger loves Dolly and the banana peel treats she brings her.  She looks for Dolly to come visit and knows she will occasionally get a trip out of the cage.

I wonder where Miss B is?   There is a part of the property that is pretty private and allows a place of exploration and fun for the kiddos.   This tree, clothesline, play house, rope swings, and the trampoline make it a place that is all theirs but is much more fun with friends.

A couple of care packages arrived a few weeks ago with the team from our church and these package were decorated in love.  It made them extra special! 

Father's Day is an American holiday with no recognition here.   We were able to all attend church together though for the first time in Haiti.   Dolly spotted a gift she wanted to purchase her daddy and we all agreed.   I think he approved.  
Also in this picture, you will see piles of stuff.   The sweet folks here had our house ready to go for us not sure of what we would have or need.   As our stuff trickled in, we have claimed our space and those piles are now in storage.   Yes, that is a rack of insect repellant by the door.

I think My Dear likes his new Creole Bible.

Dolly and Billy were in the safe haven playing when an unexpected rain came.   Billy snagged this leaf to get himself to the door.   Clever boy!

This photo is out of sequence...but this is what happens when My Dear did a mass shopping trip and only got about 3 hours of sleep on his overnight trip to the states.   Billy offered his legs for a pillow but is armed with insect repellant.  He is a comedian too! 
Each day is a day to get used to our new surroundings, customs, and routines (or lack of at this point.)   There are days that they miss very much their friends, their "home," the woods, swimming pools and their Sunday School classes but I would guess a year from now that they will look back and hardly remember that time.   So with each bump, curve, and spiral, we trust that God has so much more in store for them.

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