Sunday, June 1, 2014

Missionary Flights International

We chose to fly to our new home with some of our possessions and our pup via Missionary Flights International (MFI.)   We drove to their facility in FL.   After months of conversations with them, it was pretty cool to see the place.   They are the same group that will make sure we get our mail and packages.

We paid $1.60 per pound for each item as well as for ourselves.   They kept a running total as we pulled things off the truck and weighed them.   Thankfully, they did a family weigh in so that not one person would tip the scale....we know our scale tipper was Miss B.   She has been trying to gain weight since last summer!

The folks at MFI were patient with us.   They were kind to the children and did not pass-out or comment when they saw our load and the abundance of it.   They worked physically and with humor to get the job down.  We unloaded on Wednesday so that they could pack the plane.   Thursday morning we were there to board along side of our possessions....well, those they had room to bring, the others will come this week.
The folks were extra sweet toward the kids knowing everything was about to change for them.   One of the gentlemen, a Papaw type, had each kid stop at the steps for their photo to be taken and he announced they were entering the plane with a title.   One of the pilots had his picture taken with our family.   This same pilot, walked back through the plane and offered us a cup of water and blankets and even some doughnuts holes from Dunkin Donuts (which is where My Dear and I had our first date--it was late and we were students, cut him some slack!)

We did not fly on a jet.  It was a DC-3 which were used during WWII.    It carried about a dozen people all heading to Haiti.   Our Chester pup could see us through the cargo net and did well.   Apparently, barking helps the ears in altitude change.   Because of the size of the plane, we flew lower which Dolly enjoyed.   She took pictures from the plane into the ocean where you could see the coral reefs and invited Billy to join into her excitement.   Pretty cool!  The trip took a bit longer and we stopped in the Bahamas to refuel.   The kids had never been there.   Not sure sitting in the airport (about 5 rooms big) counts, but we were there!

Miss B. fell asleep quickly since we woke her to meet the plane.   You will see in her pictures that she is still sporting her pj pants.   Yep, she broke the fashion mode!  Billy rode beside her but after she fell asleep, he came and sat by his daddy who had moved closer to Chester for moral support.  This meant, Miss B. was seated alone.   The back of the plane was cooler, which I like, so the co-pilot brought us blankets.   He noticed Miss B. sacked out rows ahead of us and returned and gently laid a blanket on her.   He likely had no idea I was watching but it sure blessed me.

Upon arriving at the airport, our fellow missionary Roger, took over!   He had help lined up and ready to go.   It was humbling and borderline embarrassing to have so much stuff in a country that has so little.  Chester passed through customs with his shot records and a fee and were moving to the parking lot where one truck held our stuff, another held us, and a third had Roger.   Up the mountain we went!

 Hanging out on the pallet.
 Billy worked hard and took advantage of a mattress coming down off of the truck.
 Chester, bowls, and food are weighed for the journey.
 Pretty cool to see those bicycles sitting beside a plane!   We should see those next trip to port!
 Loading the goods!

 Miss B., the "movie star."
 Billy, the "professional athlete."
 Dolly, the "Princess."
 Reading the labels of our cargo as she waited.   We sat on one side of the plane while our stuff rode behind the cargo net.
 Billy always wanted to look inside of a cockpit.   He hesitated but realizing this was his shot went for it and encouraged Dolly to take a look too.   Glad they did!
 Here it comes!   $2 a dolly to carry it, straps to keep it down and we are just getting started.
 Moving it out of the airport.   Kinda reminds me of when Daddy Warbucks took Annie shopping for the first time.
 Waiting to load the truck in the parking lot.  That red tote is games, the green one is pots and pans...the majority of the others are finally unpacked.
The hour long journey up the mountain.   We drove behind our stuff, when possible.   There it goes!


Anonymous said...

Love to read about you and yours dear you and good night from Lexington IN...SamAdams :-)

deborah richardson said...

Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us! We are praying with you....God's world is very small and He knows where all His people are!

AmandaLynn said...

Glad to witness God's work in your family:)