Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Laundry Day

Friday is our laundry day!   Several of us share 2 washers and 2 dryers here on the mission.  Friday is my turn to claim the laundry room.  Last week, I actually got 2 days since someone was away and I could use the machine on their day.   We had traveled a week before getting here and we had brought dirty clothes with just happens.

The water pressure is low and we have only cold water to wash in.  Let's just say there is no H.E. on the appliances.  The generator on the property goes off at 4 p.m. unless the hospital needs it to stay on.  Sometimes it comes back on the local electric company but otherwise we are running on batteries that only allow for small doses of energy to be used....not washers and dryers.

I took several trips up and down the stairs from our home to the laundry house and was pleased with the work.   I learned I had to stay on it and watch the clock to get it done in time....learned that is.

Well we put those storage totes to good use!   Since raining season is coming to an end, it may be safe to use the line but they did just fine inside.   Like I said, I learned!   The next time, all 9 loads were done just in time....but we were sure to keep ourselves busy around the house all day to make sure that I could get to the laundry room every hour.

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